Eyezag's Eye Tracking Omnibus

Cost-efficient quantitative eye tracking studies.

The Omnibus

Share participants, save money.


We bundle stimuli from several clients into one eye tracking study.This way, you get quantitative eye tracking insights at a fraction of the usual costs.

Scheduled studies

We regularly organise eye tracking studies with large numbers of participants. We recruit the participants and control the data quality.

Quantitative eye tracking insights

We analyse the eye tracking data and provide quantitative insights that you can use to better understand and optimize your products.

We offer:

  • Eye tracking insights from 50 participants (age groups: 18-29, 30-49 and 50+; in equal parts).
  • A report with eye tracking insights no later than 7 workdays after your booked omnibus date.

You only need to send us:

  • Your static stimulus (e.g., a website, user interface, or ad) that will be shown to each participant for up to 20 seconds.
  • Up to two areas of interest that you wish to be analyzed statistically.

How it works

You send us your stimulus

We continuously collect stimuli (e.g., websites, user interfaces or ads) for our scheduled eye tracking studies.

We conduct the eye tracking study

We show your stimulus to the participants during your booked omnibus study.

We send you a report

We send you a report with insights at least 7 workdays after your scheduled omnibus date.

Only n/a days until the next scheduled eye tracking omnibus!

Your eye tracking report

A summary of eye tracking insights.


Your report includes:

  • Study design details
  • Demographic information of 50 participants
  • Data visualisations for each target group (e.g., a heatmap and first impression heatmap)
  • Area of interest details
  • A csv file with statistics


  • 399 EUR per Stimulus
All prices plus VAT. If you have any questions about the pricing or the report, I would love to help.

Upcoming omnibus events

Dates for regular and special omnibus studies.



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