• Various possibilities
  • Variety of competing products
  • Broad spectrum of consumers


  • Distraction by other products
  • Design must convince quickly
  • Conflict between aesthetics and sustainability


A product should be noticed and attract attention: The packaging design must convince within seconds.

The purchasing behaviour of potential customers is difficult to predict. The packaging design must be convincing within the first few seconds. An optimal design can encourage consumers to an impulse purchase or perhaps encourage consumers to a repurchase. Thereby the right packaging must be adapted to different target groups.

The packaging of a product is often the first and only thing customers directly see when entering a business or watching a TV commercial whereas the product itself often remains in the background. The design of the packaging thus creates opportunities to increase the interest in a product by the built-up tension. But not only the design of the packaging is important, the product information also affect customers in their purchase decisions. The packaging should not be overloaded with text, but the most important information and legal requirements should be placed on it intelligently. If a product is highlighted in this way, the recognition effect increases. Thus, a brand manages to stand out from other brands.

All of these factors account for the success of a product. Packaging thus becomes one of the most important factors.

Success stories

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Different packaging designs are shown to the participants. By doing so, their eyewaves are recorded. These can then be visualized using heatmaps and statistically evaluated using Area of Interest (AOI).

Investigations can include:

  • Attracted attention
  • Considered elements
  • Visibility of brand elements
  • Orientation
  • Memory effect

In this way optimization potential can be identified and the packaging can be designed in advance in such a way that it attracts maximum attention and convinces the customer to buy the product.


Participants can either be booked directly via the platform or gained from your own existing customer and user contacts.

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