Eyezag's solution for Academia

Easy and fast eye tracking insights.

Simplify your research

Create a survey, distribute the link, analyse the results.


Everything you need runs right in your browser – from designing your study to ana­lyzing the results. The same goes for the parti­cipants. Taking part in your study is as simple as opening a website.


Let your test subjects partici­­pate in your studies from home, all at once, anytime, from everywhere. A study that used to take weeks can now be done in days or even hours to match your pace of development.


Whether you want to test your stimulus on a group of ten or a thousand people doesn't matter anymore. Your amount of work remains the same.


Always use the latest state-of-the-art algorithms and soft­ware instead of piling up old hard­ware. Perfor­mance boosts are also applied to your already recorded data.


Utilize the potential of the world wide web and reach out to millions of potential partici­pants for your target demo­graphy.


Prevent the Hawthorne effect and avoid any user data bias that is due to a foreign environ­­ment or un­­acquainted hard­­ware.

Dr.-Ing. Boris Schauerte
Eye Tracking Expert

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