Eyezag's solution for Usability / UX

Agile usability testing with real users of your target group.

Attention analytics in your hands

Gather real eye tracking data with ease.

Design with certainty

Stop guessing and find out what is actually seen. Enter the mind of your customers and understand why they behave the way they do.

Don't waste time

Let your test subjects partici­­pate in your studies from home, all at once, anytime, from everywhere. A study that used to take weeks can now be done in days or even hours to match your pace of development.

Gain actionable results

Use Eyezag's full expertise and get action­able recommen­dations from our graduated market researchers and certified UX professionals.

Focus your A/B tests

No more blind guess­work – spot parts of your product with the highest optimi­zation potential and get to faster and more accu­rate results.

Convince with facts

Eyezag is your solution for quanti­tative attention insights – explain your decisions with evidence of real user beha­viour.

Test early and often

Whether you want to test wireframes, design concepts, or new elements of your website – always gear toward an optimal product.

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Example Cases

Find out why customers behave the way they do.

Solve usability problems

Eye tracking and the resulting knowledge about user behaviour and attention can help you answer questions about

  • user expectations
  • problems during tasks
  • distracting and eye-catching elements
  • (un)seen and (un)read elements and texts
  • quality of a design in terms of user guidance
Unlike mouse movement, gaze is generally a subconscious process. For good reason our eyes are denoted as the windows to our souls.

Julian Hoß

This was fun and I'd like to see more of this eye tracking surveys. Study of the future!


Increase your conversion rate

Eye tracking is a powerful tool for conversion rate optimization. Improve your A/B test performance through pinpointing areas with high optimization potential or answer questions like:

  • Why do visitors leave my checkout site?
  • How can I guide users better through my checkout process?
  • How intuitive is the design of my shop?
  • And many more questions. Challenge us with your problems!

Jonas Fuchs
Sales & Product Management

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