Measure your users‘

Online eye tracking without special hardware – easy, fast, and scalable.

Measure the Attention of your Target Group

As simple as an online survey

How can online eye tracking help me?

Eye tracking helps you understand your users and answer the following questions:

  • Why do my visitors leave my website?
  • What should I change to reduce my bounce rate?
  • How can I improve my A/B tests?
  • Which elements should I test next?
  • Which design leads to the most customer engagement?
  • Do I successfully convey my message?
  • Do customers recognize/see my brand?

Whether for usability and user experience tests of websites, gathering consumer insights in marketing campaigns, in market research or academical research – level up your studies with online eye tracking tests by Eyezag.

Tell me more

Eye-Tracking via Webcam.

For easy, fast, and scalable perception studies.

Our technology in your hands

For many years now, Eyezag is developing image processing and machine learning algorithms to determine gaze paths with standard webcams.

Save costs

Abandon short-lived expensive hardware and the cost of a laboratory. Instead, you can use our algorithm in the cloud which is always up-to-date. Eye tracking without device!


Whether you want to test on a group of ten or a thousand people, in-house or internationally, for fast pretests or global campaigns – you enjoy the full flexibility.

Save time

Save cumbersome experimental set-ups and let your users simultaneously participate in your studies through the world wide web – from anywhere and anytime.

Clear results

A high sample size gives you statistically backed evidence. Furthermore, any effects due to a foreign environment, observation of a participant or unacquainted hardware are minimized.

Our offer for you

Self-Service Platform

Use our online eye tracking software to easily create, conduct, and analyze your studies. You can start today!

Quickly create surveys

With text and questionnaire items, as well as eye tracking stimuli

Extensive analysis tools

Visualizations, animations, statistical data, and more tools for the analysis and exploration of eye tracking data

Effortless participant booking

Send out a participation link, integrate your own panel or book directly on the platform

Our Services

Let our trained market researchers and certified usability professionals do the field work for you.

Elaborate study design

Our experts work out a study according to your needs and preferences.

Successful field phase

We take care about the participants, assure a high quality, and monitor your study till the end.

Extensive report

We present you the interpretation of the eye tracking data and give actionable insights and recommendations for your product.

Selected Customers

Eyezag’s eye tracking tool is the optimal addition to our classical advertisement tests. The project and collaboration with Eyezag was fast, accurate, and straightforward.
Karin Hagemann, Unit DirectorInnofact AG, Düsseldorf, Germany
Eyezag’s eye tracking technology allowed us to gain a new level of understanding about consumers’ behaviors than we had previously achieved. In addition, the ability for consumers to participate from their own homes saves on the cost and shortens the timing of projects.
Jared Bucher, Research ConsultantAnovax, Shanghai, China
The technology of Eyezag amazed our research group! Being able to perform eye tracking studies online has an enormous potential for experimental economics research and way beyond.
Dr. Adrian Hillenbrand, Senior Research FellowMax-Planck-Institute, Bonn, Germany


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