TV commercials


  • Display during commercial break
  • Distraction of the viewer
  • Expensive time slots


  • Target group must be addressed properly
  • Only a few metrics about the actual ratio of viewers
  • Unknown evoked emotion


Teaser, commercial or short clip: It should be seen, emotionally touching and memorable! 

To avoid a bad performance of a commercial on air, we measure the perception, emotion and remembered content in pre testing studies – thus even during the creative process corrective actions can be done.


Video clips, storyboards and animations are tested between other typical TV content by viewers of the target group. Based on the recording of the participants we can analyze the gaze positions and emotional reactions.

The following is examined:

  • Objects with high attention
  • Viewability of brand content
  • Impact of scene cuttings
  • Orientation of the viewer
  • Emotion via facial coding
  • Information retrieval from onscreen overlays
  • Memorability


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