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The Eyezag Team
We are …

a young, technology-driven team that wants create awesome products with regular hardware and state-of-the-art algorithms. We replace costly special hardware and tell you where persons are looking on the screen only by using their webcams. Traditional eye tracking methods now performed at home instead of a laboratory. We foster new opportunities for businesses and reach out to create new markets. And we have got plenty of new ideas for the years to come.

… technology leader

The technology comes out of several years of our research and is exclusively used by our products and services. We are developing our components in-house based on our customers‘ requirements.

… startup

As young company everyone is fully responsible of their field of activity and often improvisation is required. Caring for each other and bringing coffee along is everyone’s job equally. There is no table football, but table tennis after lunch 🙂

… eye tracking via webcam

Made with ♥ in Karlsruhe

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Based on diploma theses and a Ph.D. at the Computer Vision for Human-Computer Interaction Lab in Karlsruhe, Germany, we developed a technology that soon later was key to spin off university founding a company named Eyezag. Supported by the EXIST startup business grant in 2015 and a subsequent Young Innovators grant the project was successfully introduced to the market and now provides customers access to novel products.


Coming from research we focus on technological approaches and problem solving. Our small team achieves amazing things and broadens their knowledge every day. We are eager to develop user- and customer-centered products that impact the current market or creates new ones. Every team member, whether CEO or intern, is responsible in their own fields and can likewise shape the future of Eyezag.

Advisory Board

Dr.-Ing. Boris Schauerte

Technical Product Manager; Strategy and Partnerships; BMW Group München

Our Team

The people behind Eyezag
Profile Timo Schneider

Timo Schneider


Timo holds his diploma in Informatics from KIT and with his thesis built a cornerstone of Eyezag. As full-stack developer and certified professional for usability and UX he leads all technical and technological affairs.

Profile Jonas Fuchs

Jonas Fuchs

CEO + Sales

Jonas represents the company and is active in sales. Within the team he plays his organizational skills and coordinates the business. His master’s degree from KIT helps him to analytically review processes and progress.

Profile Dominic Staub

Dominic Staub

CFO + Project Manager

As market researcher with bachelor degree Dominic leads customer projects and performs study analyses utilizing his broad knowledge of methodologies. His training as banker also makes him the financial officer.

Profile Marvin Zeeb

Marvin Zeeb


Marvin is studying International Tourism Management. In addition, he is actively supporting us in sales and is responsible for sales activities.

Profile Luc Weinbrecht

Luc Weinbrecht

Web Development

Luc is studying business informatics and is responsible for technical matters.

Profile Annika Simon

Annika Simon


Annika studied economics with a focus on management and marketing. Now she is doing her master program in Science-Media-Communication and is responsible for the marketing of Eyezag.

Profile Anne Pfeifer

Anne Pfeifer


Anne has made her bachelor degree in Media Communication and is now responsible for the expansion and further development of our marketing.


Manuel Hölzlein


Manuel studies business engineering and supports us actively in sales, especially international sales.


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Wall of Fame

Our former employees
Profile Johannes Patzig

Johannes Patzig


As part of his studies of industrial engineering, Johannes has written his Bachelorthesis at Eyezag. He has also been active in sales and has been responsible for the product „PretestAd“.