Eye tracking on
mobile devices

Test mobile content with your target group

As simple as an online questionnaire

Easy set-up

Forget the lab and let your users participate in your studies over the web from anywhere to any given time.

Quick studies and iterations

Continuously test small sample sizes or a global target group – there are no limits to your study design.

Broad applications

From a mobile e-commerce checkout to ad efficiency – gather insights of your customers and generate hypotheses, prove argumens, or find potential for optimization.

Authentic locations

Test your users where they normally would consume your digital content – at home on the couch, at work, or travelling.

Reach your target group

The participation runs right the web browser without installation of 3rd party apps. Every person worldwide with a smartphone can take part in your studies right now.

Full flexibility

Design and analyze your studies all by yourself or benefit from our comprehensive service offerings.

Eye-Tracking via Webcam.

For fast, easy, and scalable perception studies.

How does smartphone eye tracking work?


For many years now, Eyezag is developing image processing and machine learning algorithms to determine gaze paths with standard webcams.

Mature hardware and software

Each smartphone nowadays has a built-in frontal camera for selfies and video telephony and a sufficient high-performance processor. The mandatory Chrome browser runs on Android devices as well as on iPhones under iOS.

Web technology

Based on state-of-the-art web technology, we combine these components to offer you the easiest and most comprehensive way for eye tracking studies over the web – on desktop machines as well as on mobile devices.

Test it now*

*Visit this page with a smartphone to test our online eye tracking in a sample study. Chrome browser required.

Where can I use eye tracking on mobile devices?

Applications for eye tracking on smartphones

The method eye tracking is a supporting tool to record unfiltered user behavior to  uncover potential for optimization and objectify hypotheses. On mobile devices eye tracking can help you gather valuable insights in the following exemplary use cases:

  • Advertising evaluation
  • PreRoll Ads on YouTube
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand viewability and recall
  • Validation of product placement
  • Abandonments on mobile checkouts
  • Intuitive user guidance on small screens
  • Responsive design

Further applications

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