Market and Consumer Research

Eye tracking as simple as an online questionnaire

Effortful Eye Tracking is history

The measurement of viewing orders has been an integral part of qualitative market research for many years. Most market research institutes use their own laboratories – too complex, too expensive? Our Eye Tracking Technology can be used anywhere and anytime via webcam.


Everything you need runs right in your browser – from designing your study to ana­lyzing the results. The same goes for the parti­cipants. Taking part in your study is as simple as opening a website.


Let your test subjects partici­­pate in your studies from home, all at once, anytime, from everywhere. A study that used to take weeks can now be done in days or even hours to match your pace of development.


Whether you want to test your stimulus on a group of ten or a thousand people doesn’t matter anymore. Your amount of work remains the same.


Always use the latest state-of-the-art algorithms and soft­ware instead of piling up old hard­ware. Perfor­mance boosts are also applied to your already recorded data.


Utilize the potential of the world wide web and reach out to millions of potential partici­pants for your target demo­graphy.


Prevent the Hawthorne effect and avoid any user data bias that is due to a foreign environ­­ment or un­­acquainted hard­­ware.

Ad testing

Test the impact of your or your customer’s advertisement or pre-test prototypes with hundreds of subjects with a few mouse clicks to:

  • Increase response rate and brand awareness
  • Optimize brand visibility and recall rate
  • Find blind spots

Unlike with hardware-based eye tracking, Eyezag’s webcam-based eye tracking makes it economically viable to track a representative sample of your target audience to get statistically significant results.

Video Testing

Efficiently test commercials or image films with a broad audience to:

  • Select the best cuts and shots from your raw footage
  • Validate storyboards
  • Increase brand awareness
Eye tracking is perfect to find problems at an early stage in the editing process – even better when it’s run by Eyezag in the native environment of the viewer.
Julian HoßNacona Filmproduktion

More applications

Eye tracking applications in market and consumer research may also include

  • Packaging
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Shelving
  • Print media
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Product Placement

We’d love to hear your success stories or pains with eye tracking – give us a call or join us for coffee.


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