Pre-Roll Ad


  • Forced pre content display
  • Placement in external online context


  • Distraction due to other website elements
  • Skip option by the user
  • Interruption of the users action
  • Unknown impact on the users emotion


A Pre-Roll Ad must attract the attention of the users without causing any negative feelings.

Upstream marketing content targeted at users with the appropriate target group characteristics is an efficient advertising channel for today’s information procurement on the internet. But it is important to check whether this forced medium is suitable for this purpose, target audience and archives the right impression and perception.

A user visits a website to watch certain videos quickly and easily, instead videos are shown to him which contain pre-roll ads the user cannot ignore. This can quickly create negative associations with the brand and expels the user. However, if the advertisements are designed appealingly and tailored to the respective target group, this form of advertising can be very efficient.

Success stories

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To check how those media (e.g. popup, overlay, video clip) is perceived, we conduct a online eye tracking study by using one of the suitable contexts and inset the medium in this environment. This will be shown with proper instructions to a representative choice and amount of participants from the target group.

The following is examined:

  • Duration of attention by the medium
  • Attraction of animation- / video sequences
  • Distraction by other elements of the environment
  • Visibility of different types of media
  • Memorability
  • First impression and orientation


Participants can either be booked directly via the platform or gained from your own existing customer and user contacts.

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