Product Placement


  • Wide-coverage media
  • Suitable target group
  • Positive linking accessible


  • Differentiation to advertisement
  • Authentic impression of the product
  • Influence of video cutting and editing
  • Multiple subconscious effects


The own product in use, in the hands of others, in digital media.

Whether displayed in an image film or placed within an influencer’s clip: All that matters for you is the visibility and perception of your product – as part of the plot, as brand, and with positive associations. Not too obtrusive, but still perceivable. If the product is shown too often, consumers react with rejection and combine negative feelings with the brand. This is about finding an optimal middle course. ‚Attention at any price‘ would not be a good idea.

Through skilful product placement, strong effects can be achieved – the decisive factor is the credible integration of the brand.

Success stories

We are still working on this success story. Please come back soon and learn more about a successful eye tracking study in the context of product placement.


With our eye tracking method, we study these elements in videos. This offers the possibility to optimize the conceptual design of a video before the final cut to effectively place your product and brand. Studies with high sample size thereby provide reliable insights and decision-making aid based on your target group.

The following is studied:

  • Screen time to viewability
  • Interdependency with other elements
  • Effects due to video cuts
  • Induced emotions
  • Memorability


Participants can either be booked directly via the platform or gained from your own existing customer and user contacts.

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