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Conceptual Study Design

For valuable answers to your problem a thought-out survey design is essential. We are here to help and will set-up your study to your needs.

  • formulation of your objective
  • hypothesis generation
  • selection of methods
  • preparation of the stimuli
  • process and procedure plan
  • participant instructions and tasks
  • target group definition

Study implementation

Before and during the field phase we take care about participant recruitment, quality assurance, and the rest. We are happy to assist you in any question!

  • recruitment channels
  • implementation of technical interfaces
  • monitoring of the field phase
  • quality assurance
  • target group quota

Analysis and Evaluation

To utilize the recorded data we are happy to offer our expertise in visual and statistical interpretation of eye tracking data and present you with actionable insights: From a top liner to a detailed analysis, from a short report to a customer presentation.

  • participant selection and segmentation
  • setting up visualizations
  • data preparation
  • interpretation and generation of hypotheses
  • creation of reports
  • actionable recommendations

We show what works. And what doesn’t.

Digital media and interfaces are our speciality. With our method – webcam eye tracking – you will get enlightening insights about user perception to optimize your products. We are happy to help you gain a new perspective!
Our applications

The basis of each project is a kick-off meeting to discuss objectives and favored assistance. Together we create a conceptual design which will get iteratively refined. During each project phase we are in close contact and keep you informed. In the end, we present you the results and will be available for any further inquiries.

Time frame

Since we have close partners and build on internal resources we can give you results in record time. Thanks to webcam eye tracking also the field phase also stays short. According to the scope of services we deliver in only a few work days. And if you need faster results – we take on the challenge 😉

Report on the results

We deliver results that you can build on. Our comprehensive reports cover actionable insights and recommendations, as well as the possibility to directly jump to the corresponding visualizations on our platform and explore the data yourself.


Like in all individual services, unfortunately, we cannot give you universal details on a project’s costs. But we are on your side: Only book what you need us for! We are eager to help – and for anything you will do on your own we assist you with the essential materials and tools.

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