The Omnibus

A multi-customer study for fast and affordable insights

The multi-customer study – Overview

Cost efficient

We bundle stimuli from several clients into one eye tracking study, so you get quantitative insights at a fraction of the usual costs.

Structured reports

Define up to two areas of interest that you wish to be analyzed statistically in your individual report.


Send us your stimuli (e.g., a website or advertisement) and receive a report within some workdays.

Meaningful results

50 high-quality recordings with male and female participants within age ranges 18-29, 30-40, and 50+ uniformly spread.

Inisghts, experiences and ideas.

Generate hypotheses

Use the omnibus to plan your next optimization. Find areas with the highest potential of improvement.

Compare designs

Show different versions and gather statistically significant conclusions on your defined areas of interest.

Test early and often

Learn more about the perception of your users in each design iteration.

The report

The report is sent you after the field phase and includes:

  • Study design details
  • Demographic information of 50 participants
  • Data visualizations for each target group
  • Area of interest details
  • CSV file with statistics
  • 399 EUR per Stimulus (plus VAT)
Multi-customer study

Upcoming scheduled events

  • 29.05.2017 – Participants: German natives
  • 26.06.2017 – Participants: German natives
  • 31.07.2017 – Participants: German natives
  • 28.08.2017 – Participants: German natives
  • 25.09.2017 – Participants: German natives
  • 30.10.2017 – Participants: German natives
  • 27.11.2017 – Participants: German natives

Not yet scheduled

  • Participants: Englische natives (UK)
  • Special: Product shelves
  • Special: Product packages
  • Special: e-commerce

Feel free to contact us if you have interest in any of these topics.

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