How it works.

Image processing

Contrary to traditional eye tracking which bases upon active infrared illumination, Eyezag works with image processing algorithms to calculate gaze positions from webcam data. We spent multiple years of research at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT) to deliver superior results.

First, to derive gaze positions from images, a face is detected. Then the eyes are precisely extracted and compared with a database of eye images as well as the personal calibration to finally estimate the best-fitting gaze position.

Machine Learning

This „comparison“ is the simplified description of a over many years refined machine learning model, based on neural networks and other components. The clou: With every new recording out system gets feed with new data to automatically improve itself.

This way we make sure that also in the future we deliver the best possible quality for webcam eye tracking data.

The technology of Eyezag amazed our research group! Being able to perform eye tracking studies online has an enormous potential for experimental economics research and way beyond.
Adrian Hillenbrand
Dr. Adrian HillenbrandMax-Planck-Institute, Bonn, Germany
Calibration images
Images processed
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Our platform is a virtual laboratory for eye tracking studies. The platform offers the possibility to create, conduct, and analyze studies, as well as participating in the study from anywhere and with any device with a webcam.

We love visualizations and statistics! (Yes, we are nerds) This is why we are eager to make the analysis and exploration of eye tracking data as easy and intuitive as possible, without cutting down the power of analysis tools. Through the web app you have access to you data, to analyze or present results from anywhere at anytime.

We work hard to make the participation as seamless as possible – this also includes going without any software installations or risky plugins like Flash. New internet technologies enable us to safely access webcam imagery and synchronize the displayed media – so everything we need to run a successful eye tracking study.

No installation

Everything runs right in your web browser – from creating a study to the participation.


Users can participate from home and all at once, so that results are often available few hours later.


Driven by technology, focused on good design and usability, as well as a user-centered approach – this is what we stand for at Eyezag.

Our customers work hard for the creation of websites, advertisements, and spots. We help them by gathering authentic insights right from the heads of users for the optimization of digital products. Therefor, we build tools for the intuitive analysis and exploration of attention data of single persons of whole groups – to see what the target group sees.

Technologically we are aiming to make the analysis and participation as seamlessly as possible, so that studies about user perception are usable and affordable for everyone.

No Calibration

Make the calibration easier or even banish it completely

Mobile use

Studies on mobile devices


Automatically generated based on gaze paths of user groups

Eye Interaction

Interfaces which respond to eye movement