User Interfaces


  • Non-intuitive UI
  • Long training periods
  • High effort in support
  • Reduced satisfaction for users


  • Subjective opinions of users
  • Individual experiences
  • Vague decision-making basis
  • Costly iterations
  • Lack of hypothesis for optimization actions


User Interfaces that pick up, take and bring back customers: They should be simple and intuitive.

User Interfaces (UI) describe the interface between man and computer. The goal of a UI is to simplify the operation and activities with a computer. Data and commands should be entered easily and uncomplicated.

Too small or poorly readable fonts illogically structured menus contribute to a poorly designed User Interface and lead to potential customers looking around the competition.

Users execute certain tasks multiple times while using a software product. This process should be efficient and without frustration or negative experience. The used techniques of usage are based on existing experiences with other software, their perception and cognitive logic.

Success stories

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To identify what the user of a software really sees and perceives, we conduct eye tracking studies to measure which elements and information is seen.

In this approach, we focus on the frequent tasks and use a representative sample of the target group. Due to the given typical task, we can identify abnormalities and provide insights for improvements.

The following is examined:

  • Viewing pattern
  • Gaze and mouse movement
  • Density of information
  • Memorability
  • Usefulness of tool tips, hints and assisting technology

Studies like this should be parallel to the development process in an early phase, to provide early insights and avoid major changes in later revisions.


Depending on the application there are multiple possibilities to recruit participants for the study. For B2B software there is the possibility to invite the real user and customer to participate and thus reach very special target groups. For B2C audiences one of the possibilities is to recruit via a regular panel service.

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