• Fast & convenient shopping process
  • Availability of information
  • Variety of competitors


  • No personal communication with customers
  • Customers do not have direct contact with products
  • Rapid loss of market shares


Be it clothing, food or books: E-Commerce offers the full range, but it must be well-designed.

E-Commerce is referred to as trading on the internet. Advertise, buy and sell – everything relaxed from home. Purchase processes can be handled almost without delay. A company can advise the customer online in advance, so that the customer finally must put the articles into the shopping cart and have to pay.

However,  to take advantage of the many advantages of e-commerce, the purchasing process as well as upstream and downstream processes must be transparent. Potential customers must have the feeling to receive all the information needed to purchase, to find the products they want to order, and finally to be guided to the conclusion of the purchase.

Success stories

We are still working on this success story. Please come back soon and learn more about a successful eye tracking study in the context of E-Commerce.


Eye tracking studies can be used to examine whether the requirements and wishes of customers are met and if there is optimization potential.

The participants are asked to search for certain products and place them in the shopping basket. Thus, a complete purchasing process is simulated in a simplified manner. Based on the results, heatmaps and gaze plots are created to analyze what the participants have seen and how intuitive the purchasing process is constructed.

The following is examined:

  • Viewing pattern
  • Gaze and viewing order
  • Memory effects
  • Effectiveness of clues and assistants


Participants can either be booked directly via the platform or gained from your own existing customer and user contacts.

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