Eye Tracking without an Eye Tracker

Webcam Eye Tracking

by Eyezag

Our Eye Tracking Innovation

In practice, the classic eye tracking methods have very high requirements to meet by the participants, the experts and the laboratories.

Our webcam based eye tracking helps to overcome most of these requirements and can be an valuable addition and/or alternative to your eye tracking studies.

Eyezag interface to start the webcam with listed requirements
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Our eye tracking software is based on state of the art web technology and therefore does not require you to install any software. Whether to create or to analyze a study.

You will not have to worry about outdated software anymore, we will always keep you on the newest version.

Also your participants will not have to install software to participate in your studies. All they need is a webcam and the latest version of the chrome browser.

view of gaze plot on reebok ad with and without clustering


The eye tracking is done by a common webcam. It does not matter whether the camera ist integrated in your laptop or connected externally via USB.

Our webcam based eye tracking works with a resolution of 640×480 pixels. A higher resolution can lead to slightly better results but is not mandatory to conduct a succesfull webcam eye tracking.

The calculation is done on one of our high performance server, which means that your participants will not need much computing power to run an eye tracking study. As a rule of thumb, any device that is not older than six years should be suitable for our webcam eye tracking.


Contrary to traditional eye tracking which bases upon active infrared illumination, Eyezag works with image processing algorithms to calculate gaze positions from webcam data.

This „comparison“ is the simplified description of a over many years refined machine learning model, based on neural networks and other components. The clou: With every new recording out system gets feed with new data to automatically improve itself.


Webcam based eye tracking is done by the participants without any human supervision.

To give you a feedback about the quality of the eye trackings we have two different calibration patterns at the beginning and at the end of every study. By calculating the difference betwen these two calibrations we can measure the quality score of every single participant.

Then it is up to you, to decide which participants you want to keep and who you sort out.


We seperate our studies into three phases

  1. The Design Phase: In this phase you create your study via our online platform. You design your screening criteria, giver your participants instructions, uploade the stimuli and configurate the questionnaire.
  2. The Feld Phase: Launch your study, by sending the link to your participants or conveniently book them directly via our platform. You can also integrate your own panels or tools.
  3. The Analysis Phase: The results of your studies can be visualized and analyzed in our online platform. You can also export the data for further investigation

You want to know how a study looks like for your participants? Take part in our demo study or create your own demo account to take a look at our analysis tools.

example view with areas of interest and heat map in Eyezag interface