Eye Tracking


Eye Tracking in Market Research

  • Measureing the gaze is a common qualitative research method in the market research sector. Most of the bigger market research companies use this method and often have their own specialized laboratorys.
  • Maintaining an eye tracking laboratory can be very costly. E.g. maintaining the facility itself, the expensive hardware and also inviting and supervising participants
  • Therefore conducting studies with this method is very money and time consuming and is mostly done in very few selected projects and with very few participants.

Usability and User Experience

  • When analyzing users on websites and user interfaces, visual data are collected in addition to the recording of mouse data. Again, because of the specialized and expensive hardware, the participants have to be in a laboratory.
  • Because of these disproportionaly large costs, eye tracking is not very common in the UI/UX sector.

Classic Eye Tracking Systems

  • Most of the eye tracking studies are conducted with specialized camera systems. These systems can be categorized in three groups:
    • Stationary installed eye tracker
    • Portable camera bar
    • Mobile eye tracking glasses

Our Eye Tracking Innovation

Webcam Eye Tracking

Practicaly speaking, classic eye tracking has high requirements for the participants, the researcher and the facilities.

Our method on the other hand uses a standard webcam for the eye tracking and therefore can overcome most of the restrictions and help the researcher gain additional insights or act as an alternative for existing systems.

Eyezag’s webcam eye tracking does not need any special hardware or software. It runs completely in the browser and only needs a normal webcam, which is very common in most households.



participant with laptop
webcam on top of monitor