Pretesting of Advertising Media via Webcam Eye Tracking

Website including an advertising window
placeholder for advertisement on news portal

Because of standardized advertising windows the cognition of the target group is easy to compare

Placed advertising media
news portal with advertisement

By comparing the cognition of a whitespace and the cognition of an embedded advertising media you can measure the performance of your advertising media

Cognition of the target group
heat map eye tracking evaluation on news portal with advertisement

Get a heatmap to see what your customers see – measurements:

fixation, fixation duration and time to first fixation



How high is the cognition of your advertising media by the target group?


How high is the performance of your advertising media compared to a whitespace?


How is the performance of your advertising media compared to others?

Risk Prevention

Minimize the risk of a creation with low recall!


No laboratory needed

Field size

Robust results generated by a widespread field size

Efficient budget management

Optimize your campaign and assure an efficient budget management

target group

Restrict the target group by age and gender


Risk prevention

By testing your advertising media before going on air you can minimize your risk of a creation with low recall

Rapid execution

Field time of less than 24h

Decision basis

Get a solid decision basis on a quantitative evaluation through PretestAd

Simple handling

we only need your preferences regaring the target group and a screenshot of the website

1. Input

Send us a screenshot of the website on which your advertising media shall go on air

2. Pretest

Pretesting via webcam eye tracking with the target group and evaluation of the generated data

3. Report

we send you a report including the evaluation of the data and a guideline for an Optimization

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