Competitor Analysis


  • Competitive Market
  • Multiple approaches to solving a problem
  • Users have high quality standards


  • Best practices are unclear
  • Little nuances can make the difference
  • Missing knowledge about the competitors‘ metrics

Our solution

Learn from others‘ mistakes, identify best practices, uncover differences.

Each competition has two similarities: The target group and the urge to be better than any other competitor.

This is why it is crucial to have a look at a competitor’s approaches and solutions to a problem, to learn both from good and bad examples. Especially during the conception of a redesign as well as when others remake the appearance of their own products, can a study of user perception yield illuminating insights.


During a webcam eye tracking study we measure the perception of users on a software, website or generally a user interface. There is no need for any technical adaptations. Test subjects of the requested target group will be instructed with a suitable scenario and task. Multiple competitors‘ products are shown. Finally, the analysis yields results about differences.

Thereby, we examine:

  • Influence of different concepts
  • Identification of best practices
  • Patterns of behavior
  • Effect on the users (trust, reliability, associations)
  • Sequences of fixations
  • Dwell times and information reception
  • Memorability

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