Out-of-home Media


  • Variety
  • Distraction by environment
  • Important means of communication


  • Strong competition from advertisers
  • Advertising messages must not be too complex
  • No active demand


Traditional print posters, modern LED displays or sandwich-men: out-of-home media is to be seen and remembered.

Outdoor advertising is communication in the public space, in close proximity to the potential customer. Out-of-home media creates impressive images on escalators, on fronts of buildings, on buses or at airports. The possibilities are almost unlimited. They offer advertisers new, interlinked strategies for an effective use of their marketing budgets. Out-of-home advertising now accounts for six percent of the market share of the overall advertising market. It competes with a variety of ads to attract the attention of consumers. Thus, the design of the advertisement is also important. In addition to the relevance and clarity of the advertising message, this also applies to the design. Too small characters, unsuitable colours, or an ambiguous viewing order of fixations can quickly weaken or even destroy the effect of an out-of-home campaign.

Success stories

We are still working on this success story. Please come back soon and learn more about a successful eye tracking study in the context of out-of-home media.


Promotional posters, handouts and other out-of-home advertising forms are shown to the participants. They are analyzed and then visualized using heat maps and gaze plots.

Investigations can include:

  • Attracted attention
  • Considered elements
  • Visibility of brand elements
  • Orientation
  • Memory effects

Eye tracking studies can be used to analyse the actual perception and the impact of various forms of out-of-home advertising before they are published. Optimization potential can be identified, which can be implemented directly in order to optimize the out-of-home media campaigns.

Eye tracking analysis of the electoral posters 2017


Participants can either be booked directly via the platform or gained from your own existing customer and user contacts.

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