Target group perception


  • Broad spectrum of consumers
  • Fast technological progress
  • Ubiquitous media


  • Information overload
  • Rejection of improper advertisement
  • Difficult targeting
  • Reaching out to multiple target groups


To see what the customer sees is especially helpful when you do not belong to the customer’s group.

Subconscious perception, interests, and habits vary substantially between different target groups. Studies about a target group’s perception help you to offer suitable content and address your audience appropriately. Therefore, test subjects of specified groups are addressed to get insights about demographic, sociological, and other characteristics. Based on this information you can make adaptations in favor of the actual perception and attention of your audience.

In order to be able to provide appropriate content in the media and to make the approach more target-oriented, we offer perception studies. Here, precisely addressed subjects are used to gain insight into the demographic, sociological or other characteristics. Based on this information, adaptions are made possible which enable good accessibility and actual advertising perception and remembrance of the target group.

Success stories

We are still working on this success story. Please come back soon and learn more about a successful eye tracking study within the scope of your target group perception.


We conduct an online eye tracking study with a large enough sample size to ensure a representative analysis of sub-groups. Thereby, you can examine significant differences in your target group.

The following is examined:

  • Orientation phase
  • Speed of information reception
  • Element attractiveness
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Fixation sequences and patterns
  • Intuitiveness


Participants can either be booked directly via the platform or gained from your own existing customer and user contacts.


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